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Our filters remove 99% of impurities and harmful contaminants in water including chlorine, lead, asbestos and many more.


At Premier Water, we pride ourselves on offering only the best-in-class across our product line to all of our customers.


Our customers enjoy the best product warranties on the market and a dedicated service team for a superior customer experience.

Why Do We Care?

Your Water Affects Everything It Comes In Contact With In Your Home

While we may not give it much thought, the water in our homes comes in contact with our plumbing, water heaters, washing machines, steam irons, dishwashers, coffee pots, drinking filters, fruits and vegetables, and last but not least, our skin.

Premier Water cares about the quality of the water you interact with in your home daily.

Home Plumbing

If your home contains hard water, it can cause serious damage to your home plumbing. High concentrations of minerals form scale deposits which can clog pipes.

Water Appliances

When mixed with common impurities and contaminants, hard water carries those elements with it, commonly causing taint on home surfaces and washed fabrics.

Personal Use

As part of the purification process done at your local water utility facilities, chemicals are routinely added to ensure disinfection and sterilization of your home’s water.

Premier Water Promise

Providing Life-Changing Quality Water To Your Satisfaction Is Our Mission

We offer the most advanced solutions in the field of water purification. We meet the highest quality standards to satisfy any of your needs and requirements. Our proprietary water conditioning process intakes your home’s water and passes it through a fine natural mesh resin for softness you can feel, before passing it through multiple layers of custom filtration media for the water quality you can depend on and deserve.

Better Home

Premier Water can extend the life of your home plumbing and fixtures, water appliances, and cut your energy spending. 

Better Health

Premier Water can improve your health by eliminating your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and contaminants.

Better Life

Premier Water allows you access to safe, drinking-quality water you can depend on right at home, every day of the year.

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Experience is the best teacher. Let us guide you.

We provide solutions of the highest quality with our customers’ wellness and wellbeing in mind. Premier Water uses third-party verification of our test findings and customizes solutions to fit your specific needs and exact requirements.

If you are experiencing any of the below, you should get your water tested and see the amazing solutions we are able to provide:

  1. Dry Hair/Skin
  2. Eye Irritation
  3. Dull Clothing
  4. Water Spots
  5. Water Taste
  6. Chlorine Smell

We take pride in the quality of every system we install from the product selection to the actual installation. Each unit is custom-built and professionally installed to perform seamlessly and to handle your specific water conditioning needs. We use third-party providers to assist us in delivering on that promise.

The cost to maintain a Premier Water system will vary dependent on your household’s water usage. Based on typical water usage the average cost is around $5 per month. 

Premier Water offers an unmatched, best-in-class warranty on its water conditioning systems with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty covering parts for defects and a 12-month installation warranty insuring quality workmanship.

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We transform ordinary tap water into premier water for you and your family.


of lead and asbestos


of chlorine, chloramines


of other harmful contaminants

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Premier Water Solutions


In-Home Water Testing

The first step toward premier quality water at home is through a water quality analysis from Premier Water. You will get all the information you need to make an informed decision on one of our customized water treatment solutions.




Water Conditioning Plans

Hard water is not only the cause of frequent breakdowns of household plumbing and appliances but also a serious danger to your well-being if dissolved minerals and harmful contaminants are present causing potential health risks.



Warranty & Service Plans

Let us take care of all the little things so you can enjoy all the big things! We offer professional subscription-based services and warranties to our customers who prefer to be hands-off and have us maintain their water systems post-installation.

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Learn more about factors influencing water quality today and how it may affect you:


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